On a Colonial Snow Day

even NYC’s finest have to deal with the snow. putting a smile on a pedestrian’s face.

regardless, this whole snow thing is becoming a routine. its snows every day…
it is essential to have a pair of boots.
the main idea behind staying away from snow misery is avoiding wetsock.
wetsock is what happens when you underestimate how deep a slush puddle is.
once you’ve stepped…..its only a matter of time before you feel the cold, brown slush seep into your shoe….and slowly, overcoming your sock…rendering your foot….miserable.
gotta watch out for this:

it appears to be wetstreet but is actually several inches deep…and cold.

but snowlife is not completely miserable. its actually quite beautiful.
especially within 24 hours of the storm. perfect time to be cozy…or write graffiti.
the next morning looks something like this:

another way to avoid misery, is to get off facebook, and explore!
i mean seriously…how much longer are you going to stare at this:

the most magical person on earth isn’t going to appear with a green dot next to him or her anytime soon. and you wont miss your groundbreaking FB chats either.

things just look better in the snow. it has to do with the light. and all the white.
and trying to catch the sun when its just right:

i had the opportunity to work in a colonial old new york building in the west village.
up until this point, i referred to anything not in my lifetime as colonial.
of course, this is not correct. and it took something like this to make me truly understand:

i mean this building was built in 1845! and its still strong and functioning. now a part of New York City’s past and present.
if i recall correctly, i was in the middle of an intense doodle, or a class nap the last time i learned about shit from the 1840s…
in order to give a closer look into what the curated hallways of a building like this is like:

along with many more wonderfully framed pieces of art dating wayyyyy back.
you know. colonial stuff.

i guess the point is: get a pair of boots. and get out there…
and for the parting shot:

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Featured Artists: EVOL – VHILS

Click photo to view the first Issuu of featured artists.

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Why feat. what is Grottaglie?!

So why Grottaglie? What is that anyway, an italian vegetable or some shit? This whole FAME festival thing, what is it? There were no big stages, crazy masses of people, or mind-expanding drugs. Just a small town, on the heel of Italy’s boot. So what, there’s some walls with paint on them, who cares. This is why i went:

Ok, kidding. I didn’t travel for 20 hours, across a large pond and down a boot to eat a panini. Seriously though, that sandwich would have been worth it. Plus, it only cost (euro) 1.90 !! “WHATS THAT, LIKE, UM, 5 US DOLLARS?” …hate that.

Anyway, the FAME festival is a gathering of the upper echelon street artists. These aren’t the dudes tagging your mailbox, rather the masters that bring beauty to often times depressed urban settings. The men and women who travel all over the world and cover the side of buildings with their work. I will let some pictures do the talking so you don’t have to keep doing homework. (reading)

if you are intrigued. you can see more on flickr! and since everyone loves social networking so much, you can even see more photos on facebook. all under the name: bad pedestrian

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The Stove Incident

It is unfortunate that a NYC schedule typically doesn’t allow to start off the day the right way. Of course it’s possible, but most likely expensive … or from Dunkin Donuts. Each morning in Grottaglie was to start off this way. Light and sweet…

Naturally, being in Italy for a short period of time, I wanted to experience as much “salt kid” as i could. So at ten in the morning i went to the central market to acquire some fresh vegetables and meat from the butcher.

…this actually is not where i got my food. but this kind of traveling market cart was stationed in several parts of the town. i did not want to take photographs inside the central market. certain things in your travels have to remain in the place they belong. snapping photographs of the very place that enables an entire italian city to eat, just isn’t right.

i returned back to the apartment i was staying at. and began to cook a sauce to eat later that night. (secretly eat the entire thing before then obviously)

everything is all ready to go. i removed the chair from the stove. and put my pans on the glass. i thought it odd that there was glass covering the burners. but, you know…its italy, anything is possible.

and then.

boom! the glass explodes. as if the noise wasn’t loud enough. i bet my vulgar reaction was enough to wake up the entire town. i would spend the next hour cleaning the shards of glass that had flown everywhere. when my italian contacts came by and saw the disaster, all they could do was laugh. i mean. the kind of laughter without containment. followed by “you clean, then you cook! MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT YOU COOK!”

the sauce was amazing. the end.

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Grottaglie: FAME Festival

What is FAME?  The answer depends on what language your speaking.  In English, the word refers to a state of being widely honored and acclaimed.  And in Italian, the word means starvation, or hunger.  FAME proves to be a fitting name for the festival, as the artists that participate have favorable public reputations as well as a hunger to create.  Notable street artists from cities all over the world join in the small southern Italian town of Grottaglie.  Here they would paint large site-specific murals, as well as help charm some of the city’s aesthetically depressed areas.  On the weekend of September 23-25th, collectors, enthusiasts, and artists gathered in Grottaglie to celebrate the completion of the work present in the town.  The bad pedestrian visited the town to experience everything that is the FAME Festival.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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