Grottaglie: FAME Festival

What is FAME?  The answer depends on what language your speaking.  In English, the word refers to a state of being widely honored and acclaimed.  And in Italian, the word means starvation, or hunger.  FAME proves to be a fitting name for the festival, as the artists that participate have favorable public reputations as well as a hunger to create.  Notable street artists from cities all over the world join in the small southern Italian town of Grottaglie.  Here they would paint large site-specific murals, as well as help charm some of the city’s aesthetically depressed areas.  On the weekend of September 23-25th, collectors, enthusiasts, and artists gathered in Grottaglie to celebrate the completion of the work present in the town.  The bad pedestrian visited the town to experience everything that is the FAME Festival.

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One Response to Grottaglie: FAME Festival

  1. julia jacquette says:

    Great start. More please! Any photos of the street art created just for the festival?
    And I want to see images and text about the artists who inspire you – your enthusiastic and opinionated commentary is going to make that so interesting.

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