The Stove Incident

It is unfortunate that a NYC schedule typically doesn’t allow to start off the day the right way. Of course it’s possible, but most likely expensive … or from Dunkin Donuts. Each morning in Grottaglie was to start off this way. Light and sweet…

Naturally, being in Italy for a short period of time, I wanted to experience as much “salt kid” as i could. So at ten in the morning i went to the central market to acquire some fresh vegetables and meat from the butcher.

…this actually is not where i got my food. but this kind of traveling market cart was stationed in several parts of the town. i did not want to take photographs inside the central market. certain things in your travels have to remain in the place they belong. snapping photographs of the very place that enables an entire italian city to eat, just isn’t right.

i returned back to the apartment i was staying at. and began to cook a sauce to eat later that night. (secretly eat the entire thing before then obviously)

everything is all ready to go. i removed the chair from the stove. and put my pans on the glass. i thought it odd that there was glass covering the burners. but, you know…its italy, anything is possible.

and then.

boom! the glass explodes. as if the noise wasn’t loud enough. i bet my vulgar reaction was enough to wake up the entire town. i would spend the next hour cleaning the shards of glass that had flown everywhere. when my italian contacts came by and saw the disaster, all they could do was laugh. i mean. the kind of laughter without containment. followed by “you clean, then you cook! MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT YOU COOK!”

the sauce was amazing. the end.

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One Response to The Stove Incident

  1. laurenquinn says:

    Dooood. Hella glass. 😉

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