Why feat. what is Grottaglie?!

So why Grottaglie? What is that anyway, an italian vegetable or some shit? This whole FAME festival thing, what is it? There were no big stages, crazy masses of people, or mind-expanding drugs. Just a small town, on the heel of Italy’s boot. So what, there’s some walls with paint on them, who cares. This is why i went:

Ok, kidding. I didn’t travel for 20 hours, across a large pond and down a boot to eat a panini. Seriously though, that sandwich would have been worth it. Plus, it only cost (euro) 1.90 !! “WHATS THAT, LIKE, UM, 5 US DOLLARS?” …hate that.

Anyway, the FAME festival is a gathering of the upper echelon street artists. These aren’t the dudes tagging your mailbox, rather the masters that bring beauty to often times depressed urban settings. The men and women who travel all over the world and cover the side of buildings with their work. I will let some pictures do the talking so you don’t have to keep doing homework. (reading)

if you are intrigued. you can see more on flickr! and since everyone loves social networking so much, you can even see more photos on facebook. all under the name: bad pedestrian

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